Who are we, and why should you take your car to Barnfind Detailing?

Barnfind Detailing is a well-established car care business since 2018 but it didn’t start there here is a
small break down on how it all started.
As a kid I’ve always been amazed by cars and knew I wanted to grow up working with them in some
way and at the age of 14 the only thing I could do was clean them I started doing this for some
pocket money (they must of looked awful when I finished). But as a small amount of time past I
stared digging deep on how to professionally valet cars then I stumbled across this term “car
detailing”. After weeks of research, I knew that’s what I wanted to do, so I set to it.
After years of detailing my own and friend’s cars it was time to leave my career and set up Barnfind
Detailing, I sold my car and pretty much everything else and brought a valeting van and got to work
after three months hard work I took on the detailing studio you can see today.
Now 4 years in business Barnfind Detailing has become the most recommended Detailing studio in
Ilkeston. We have had the pleasure to work on some outstanding & rare vehicles whilst meeting
great people along the way. But I wanted to offer more.
So I asked Liam to join the team with his years of experience in window tinting and vehicle wrapping.
Now Barnfind Detailing is growing as a team offering all aspects of detailing and vehicle appearance,
if you have an idea on how you want your car to look, we can achieve that expectation for you.

Joe Murden
Barnfind Detailing Vehicle Appearance & Protection Specialist

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