Maintenance Care (Safe Wash)

Maintenance Care (Safe Wash)

Safe wash detail
2-4 hours
From £40

Safe wash detail is A popular choice for all our customers, the perfect treatment to freshen
up your vehicle or maintain your detailed paint work, but what is involved?

  •  Wheel arches + tyres are sprayed with citrus prewash to break down dirt, scrubbed
    and rinsed
  •  Wheels are pre-soaked in wheel cleaner and left to dwell then rinsed
  •  Wheels are soaked again in wheel cleaner & deep cleaned with various wheel
    brushed to insure I get all the areas of the wheel including behind the spokes, then
  •  Iron fallout is then applied to the wheels to remove and brake dust deposits worked in
    with a soft detailing brush and rinsed.
  •  The car is then sprayed with citrus prewash to break down heavy soiling left to dwell
    and rinsed
  •  Bug spray is applied to the areas needed to safely lift them from the paint work
  •  Snow foam then covers the car and left to dwell to safely lift all the dirt and grime
    from the paint work for up to 10 minutes whilst I tackle all the rubbers and trim areas
    with a soft hog hairbrush.
  • Snow foam is then rinsed
  •  Tar remover is then applied in the areas in which it is needed.
  •  Iron fallout is then applied to the paint work to break down iron deposits that have
    lightly bonded to the vehicle.
  •  The car is now rinsed thoroughly, and snow foam is now applied to remove and
    residue from the previous stages
  •  Once the snow foam is rinsed, I use to buckets one rinse one wash to safely wash
    the vehicle with soft noodle mitt / lamb wool mitt including door shuts and rinsed
  •  If needed a drying aid is sprayed and rinsed, I now blow dry the vehicle (this is one of
    the safest ways to dry a car)
  •  Glass cleaned & tyres dressed
  • Exhaust tips polished and sealed £20
  • Spray sealant £10
  • Hydrophobic glass sealant £20
  • Interior valet £40
  • Interior detail + fabric / leather protection £140
  • Alloy faces waxed £10
  • Hand polished £10
  • Clay bar £15
  • Paint waxed and protected for up to 4 months £15

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