New Car Protection

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The Basics

We would all like to think when buying a new car the car will be perfect but this is not always the case. A lot of new cars from manufactures have swirling in the paint, marring from removing transport film a road fallout from transportation.

Most car dealers will also try and sell products like Guard X or Auto Gylm life shine sadly these products do not last and require a lot of maintenance. Our solution is simple get it professionally Detailed and protected from day one, and keep you investment protected for years to come.

Wanting To Know More?

The best type of protection is Ceramic Coating, This is a liquid Polymer which chemically bonds to paint work due to is Nano Formula, This creates a hardened layer to the paint work which protects against things such as, Iron Fallout, Acid Rain, Damage From The Sun.

Ceramic Coating with its hardened layer helps protect against marring in washing stages, it also creates a super hydrophobic surface which repels water which makes washing stages so much easier and safer.

‚Äč We will apply multiple layers of Ceramic Coating to the paint work, we also apply Dedicated Ceramics to the glass which will repel water from speeds of 30mph and above, We Even Ceramic Coat, plastic / rubber trims and even your Tyre walls and Wheels barrels included.

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