Paint Correction Details

Paint Correction Details

The term paint correction is thrown around a lot but what does it mean?

Paint correction isn’t machine polishing paint this is what we call buffing the surface of the clear coat which gets damage from unsafe washes and other variables.

Paint correction means correcting the paint for example the effect of heavy orange peel, paint drips and runs which need removing via a blade / sandpaper, in our paint correction package I also address issues such as stone chips and paint scuffs. So, you can be assured that Barnfind Detailing’s

Paint correction is an in-depth process requiring a lot of time to complete.

  • Your vehicle will receive a detailed safe wash
  •  Full body chemical decontamination & clay bar to remove all contamination which has
    bonded to the exterior surfaces
  •  All thin and sharp edges are masked to insure we don’t remove to much paint
  •  The vehicle then undergoes a full body wet sand normally starting from 1500 grade sand paper working our way through each stage up to 3000 grade (but we have had to start
    heavier in the past).
  • After the paint has been wet sanded for the past few days its time to remove all the sanding
  •  Now I will machine the car with a rotary polisher with heavy cut / super heavy cut
    compound teamed with a lamb’s wool pad to safe remove the sanding marks (I use this combination to reduce heat on the panel)
  •  Now the paint work is at a point where I can switch to the dual action polisher with medium
    grade compounds and pads to remove holograms caused by the rotary polisher
  •  After the medium grade cutting stage, I refine the paint work with super fine polish and the softest of pads to add gloss and clarity to the paint work.
  •  Your vehicle is then protected and sealed with angel wax fifth element or ceramic coat
    protection treatment (if you opt for ceramic coat protection, please be aware we will require to keep your car over night to allow the coating to fully cure and bond to the paint)
  • Now the detail is complete you can enjoy an orange peel and defect free finish.
  •  In my paint correction package, I aim to achieve about 99% percent defect removal (because
    nothing is ever perfect).

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