Valeting & After care

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The Basics

We at Barnfind Detailing pride ourselves on our after care for all our customers, we understand that everyone lives a busy life and people don't always have the time to maintain there vehicle appearance after they have received one of our selected detailing packages. That's why we are here to help, We offer discounted valets and maintenance washes for every car we have detailed, we will personally look after your vehicle on a weekly to monthly basis, this can be done at either our studio or done mobile at your place of work or home. Discounted prices vary on how often we maintain you vehicle.

Wanting To Know More?

Unlike most Mobile Valeters & Detailers we do not charge any more for mobile work. Being fully trained Detailers you have peace of mind that our valeting is to the highest standard.

Prices from only £20 What Involved ? The vehicle is rinsed to remove loose dirt, Snow foam to breakdown stubborn dirt and grime, rinsed and followed with a two bucket safe wash, alloys cleaned, tyres blow dried and dressing applied, ( for this service we use pure water made in house this does not leave any water marks on the paint work, this is safer than drying the car down with even the softest microfiber drying towels ). we do dry and and clean the external glass.

​ 30-60 minuets

​ Mini Valets from only £40 Same as above for the washing stage, on our mini valet stage we also dry the door shuts and hoover out all the carpets and matts dash board and trims cleaned and a matte dressing is applied to keep that new car look.

​ 60-90 minutes

Full valets from only £75 On our Full Valets we rinse the vehicle to remove loose dirt, followed with a citrus wash to break down the toughest road grime, followed with a rinse and snow foam application, whilst dwelling we soft hog hair detailing brushes around the badges, door handles, window trims and all other intricate areas, once rinsed off we us a PH Neutral Shampoo ( this is safe to use on vehicles that have wax or ceramics applied ) with our two buckets method wash stage. the car is then blow dried and checked for any tar and glue left on the vehicle if there is we then apply tar and glue remover and iron fallout on the car to highly these areas, tar is is removed using a separate hog hair detailing brush and the vehicle is once again blow dried. and our formula of detailing products are applied to add gloss levels back to the paint work and sealed with a 3 month wax.

​ the interior of the car is then cleaned and hoovered though out dashboard clean along with door cards and dressed with our matte dressing for to keep the showroom look.

​ 1-3 hours

​ Valet Connoisseur from only £130 For those who want to go the extra mile.

​ Our wash stage is the same as our full valet but instead with apply glazes by hand and a hard wearing wax which lasts up to 8 months. The glass is also coated in a hydrophobic layer which is designed to repel water from speeds of 30mph onwards. Alloys are coated in a high temperature sealant which reduces the bonding of break dust and fallout from the road sticking to the wheel. All external plastics are dressed and protected against sun damage which leads to fading.

The interior goes through a major transformation. As and where possible the seats are removed from the car to allow us to get into every area on the interior. The carpets are hoovered, steam cleaned, and wet vac for extraction. The seats while they are out of the vehicle will under go a hoover, steam clean, and wet vac for extraction, or if you have leather interior just a hoover, and safely steam cleaned, leather cleaner and conditioner is then applied to soften the leather.

​ The headliner will also be cleaned with a steam cleaner and extracted, all air vents, and compartments are cleaned using foam and hog hair detailing brushes along with tiny hoover attachments where dust will gather in the recesses of buttons etc. We also treat our customers with air con purification with this service. All the seats are placed back in to the vehicle, carpet matt protectors placed in all foot wells, steering wheel covered and seat covering applied.

​ This is A full day booking so we can insure every single area has been taken care of.

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