Wrapping / Lights & Window Tints

Lights & Window Tints

Window tints is a popular choice for all our existing customers yes they give you privacy and
also give your vehicle that extra look but it does come with benefits to. Our dark smoke tints
actually help repel the heat keeping the car cooler in summer perfect if you have pets or little
ones in the back. Our window film comes in various strength of darkness

We have light smoke, Dark smoke and black which lets only 5% of light through also know as limo tint.

  •  All our prices are the same no matter the strength of tint your after
  •  3 door cars back windows £100
  •  5 door cars back windows £140
  •  Front windows £60
  •  Chameleon tint windscreen £150
  •  Vinyl sun strips from £20
  •  Tinted sun strips from £30

For any more information please contact a member of the team below we are happy to help

Vehicle Wrapping

Now everyone has thought about changing their car from time-to-time weather its
because you would like a newer model or just a different colour, but with the rising
cost of new and used cars our customers are moving towards having their car
wrapped which completely changes the appearance of the car at a fraction of the price.

Its hard to put a price on vehicle wrapping as every car is different in many ways and
the price can vary depending on the vinyl you would like, but our team are here to
help and advise your welcome to visit us in the studio any time for quotes or even just questions.

Saying that a rough price to have let’s say a Porsche Boxster wrapped is around the £1100 price range.

  •  Roof wraps from £140
  •  Bonnets from £100
  •  Wing mirrors from £30
  •  Spoilers from £40
  •  Half wraps from £400
  •  Full wraps from £1000

Please note… These prices are estimates and do vary depending on the vehicle.

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